Why Formulate Homemade Cattle Feed?

In today’s breeding scenario, if the expense of cattle feed is expensive, and also the impact is not obvious, you will certainly find that in a reproducing cycle, did not make a cent, or even shed money. For that reason, somewhat larger cattle farmers have actually begun to change their way of thinking as well as create their very own homemade cattle feed formulation.

In modern society, the acquisition of feed ingredients is very convenient, the prep work of cattle feed resources are generally offered in stores around the world, and feed blending tools is likewise excellent to acquire.

Farmers only require to buy one of the most core components in the feed, and afterwards proportionally with corn, bran, soybean meal, veggie dish, cotton meal, and so on can be prepared to feed the most hassle-free full-price feed.

Configuring your own cattle feed not only conserves you a few of the cost, but additionally guarantees results and faster development.

To recognize the approach of preparing cattle feed solution, initially, we have to comprehend the dietary framework and structure of cattle feed formulation. After recognizing the dietary framework and also composition of raw materials, then buy the equivalent raw materials and also prepare it in proportion.

Our most common cattle feeds are full-price, concentrates, pellets, premixes.

One of the most nutritionally complete and hassle-free feed is the full-price feed, whose primary elements are vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, salt, fattening representatives, anti-disease drugs, and so on.

To sensibly develop homemade cattle feed, you require a suitable ideal cattle feed formula, the cattle feed formula can sensibly configure a selection of cow feed active ingredients, well balanced nutrition framework, but also make full use existing neighborhood basic materials to change the dairy products cow feed formulation structure to attain the purpose of conserving farming expenses.

Right here are a few traditional cattle feed recipes to promote the majority of farmers and also close friends according to their own scenario, according to regional conditions to adjust the cattle feed solution ingredients to broaden the advantages of farming.

Milk Cattle Feed Formula In Milk Cattle Manufacturing Duration

Milk Cattle Feed Formula In Milk Cattle Manufacturing Duration

( 1) Corn 62%, soybean dish 27.5%, bran 5%, sodium chloride 1.5%, baking soda 1.5%, Dairy Products Prosperity High Return Milk Premix 2.5%.

( 2) Corn 63%, soybean meal 22%, caraway cake 9.5%, salt 1.5%, baking soda 1.5%, milk high yielding cows premix 2.5%.

( 3) Corn 61%, soybean meal 21%, caraway cake 10%, bran 2.5%, salt 1.5%, cooking soft drink 1.5%, milk high generating dairy premix 2.5%.

Best Cattle Feed Formula For Pregnancy Period

In Pregnancy Duration:

( 1) Corn 42%, soybean meal 27%, bran 26.5%, salt 1%, cooking soda 1%, cow mother 1 2.5%.

( 2) Corn 46%, soybean meal 30%, bran 16%, calcium bicarbonate 2%, salt 2%, cooking soft drink 1.5%, cow mother 2 2.5%.

( 3) Corn 50%, soybean dish 16%, bran 22%, cottonseed cake 6%, cooking soda 1%, cow mother No. 1 5%.

( 4) Corn 45%, soybean dish 20%, bran 22%, peanut cake 8.2%, salt 1.2%, baking soft drink 1%, double-effect mold eliminating clear 0.1%, cow mom No. 1 2.5%.

In Lactation Period:

( 1) Corn 55%, soybean meal 28%, bran 12.5%, salt 1%, baking soda 1%, cow mommy 1 2.5%.

( 2) Corn 56%, soybean dish 30%, bran 6%, calcium bicarbonate 2%, salt 2%, cooking soft drink 1.5%, cow mommy 2 2.5%.

( 3) Corn 50%, soybean meal 19%, bran 18%, cottonseed cake 7%, cooking soda 1%, cow mom No. 1 5%.

( 4) Corn 54%, soybean dish 20%, bran 13.2%, peanut cake 8%, salt 1.2%, cooking soft drink 1%, double-effect mold eliminating clear 0.1%, cow mother No. 1 2.5%.

Cattle Fattening Feed Formulation And Ingredients

Cattle Fattening Feed Contents For 7-10 Months:

( 1) The cattle feed formula is generally 48% corn, 14% bran, 35% cottonseed cake, 1% rock dish, 0.5% bone dish, 1% salt, 0.5% sodium bicarbonate.

( 2) When the weight of the cattle is 150-200kg and the everyday weight gain is 1000g, you can generally feed 3kg of this formula, 3kg of corn silage and 2.2 kg of wild hay.

( 3) When the weight of cattle is 201-250kg as well as the daily weight gain is 1000g, typically you can feed 3kg of this formula, 5kg of corn silage as well as 2.5 kg of wild hay.

Cattle Fattening Feed Ingredients For Considering Above 300kg As Well As Gaining Over 900g Per Day:

( 1) Corn 67.5%, bran 9%, soybean dish 15%, rock meal 1%, bone meal 0.5%, salt 1%, sodium bicarbonate 0.5%.

( 2) Corn 70%, bran 8%, caraway cake 20%, stone dish 1%, bone dish 0.5%, salt 1%.

( 3) Corn 70%, bran 7.5%, cottonseed cake 20%, rock dish 1.5%, salt 1%, when the weight is 251-300kg, day-to-day weight gain in 1000g, generally can feed this formula 3.5 kg, corn silage 5kg, wild hay 3kg, when the weight is 301-350kg, daily weight gain in 1000g, generally can feed this formula 3.5 kg, corn silage 8kg, wild hay 3kg, when the weight is 351-400kg, the everyday weight gain is 1000g, normally can feed this formula 4kg, corn silage 10kg, wild hay 3kg.

( 4) Corn 58%, bran 10%, cottonseed cake 15%, rice bran 15%, stone meal 1.5%, salt 0.5%.

( 5) Corn 68%, bran 15%, caraway cake 15%, rock flour 1%, salt 1%.

Cattle Fattening Solution For Late Period:

( 1) Corn 74%, soybean dish 21%, salt 1%, baking soda 1.5%, cattle fat 2 2.5%.

( 2) Corn 72%, soybean dish 15%, vegetable dish 7%, salt 1%, baking soft drink 1%, cattle fat 2 4%.

( 4 )Corn 68%, soybean meal 8.7%, bran 4%, soybean (prepared) 4%, increased cottonseed 5%, unshelled peanut cake 5%, salt 1%, cooking soft drink 1.5%, double-effect rumen prize 0.1%, pastoral peptide prize 0.2%, cattle fat 2 No. 2 2.5%.

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