turnkey wood pellet mill

Why are turnkey wood pellet mills so competitive?

With the increase in market demand and the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more models of turnkey wood pellet mills, functions and technologies have also been improved, and the scope of application has also increased accordingly. Richi Pellet Machinery Co., Ltd., as one of the leading manufacturers of wood pellet machines in China, is very competitive in the entire market.

The turnkey wood pellet mill is made of sawdust, bamboo chips, bark, cotton stalk, sesame stalk, corn stalk, sunflower stalk, soybean stalk, rice husk, bagasse, corn cob and other remaining raw materials after crushing, and then extruded through the sawdust pellet machine. into rod-shaped biomass fuel pellets.

The density of the fuel rod after extrusion is increased several to ten times than that before the forming, the burning time is long, and the thermal efficiency can be improved by 30%-40%. (Related post: Wood Pellet Mill For Sale)

When purchasing a turnkey wood pellet mill, you must conduct an on-site inspection, so that you can see the operation performance of the turnkey wood pellet mill. Secondly, you can’t try to be cheap. Many manufacturers can’t reach the strength, so they fight price wars and cut corners. It’s not unreasonable to get what you get for every penny.

1. The turnkey wood pellet mill has great practical significance

turnkey wood pellet mill

(1) From the perspective of energy, the use of turnkey wood pellet mills to develop renewable energy can solve the shortage of energy resources;

(2) From the perspective of environmental protection, the use of wood pellet mills to develop and utilize renewable energy can improve the deteriorating ecological environment in my country; (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

(3) Speeding up the development and utilization of renewable energy by using turnkey wood pellet mills is also a basic requirement for implementing the scientific concept of development and building a resource-saving society;

(4) The development and utilization of renewable energy in rural areas according to local conditions can increase farmers’ income, improve the rural environment, and speed up the urbanization process of my country’s rural areas;

(5) The use of wood pellets to develop renewable energy can form a new economic growth point, adjust the industrial structure, promote the transformation of economic growth mode, expand employment, and promote sustainable economic and social development.

Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of wood pellet machines, sawdust pellet machines and biomass pellet machines. It has many years of production and operation and has been recognized by the industry and many customers. Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to visit the factory!

2. Biomass wood pellet mill for energy saving and emission reduction

In recent years, problems such as energy crisis and environmental pollution have become more and more serious. It has become more and more important to optimize the energy structure, protect the environment, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

In the current environment, the market prospect of biomass pellets is particularly impressive! As a special equipment for the production of biomass pellet fuel, turnkey wood pellet mill has played a very important role in promoting the current energy saving and emission reduction work.

Wood chips, crop stalks, corn cob, peanut husks, rice husks, bark, branches and other materials, after being processed by a biomass pellet machine, become dense biomass pellets. (Related post: pellet production line in Thailand)

The pellets are small in size, large in specific gravity, resistant to combustion, and easy to store and transport. And in the process of burning, no sulfide is produced, which is very friendly to the environment. It can replace raw coal, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

According to the predictions of relevant organizations, the reserves of non-renewable resources such as underground oil, natural gas and coal are only sufficient for several decades at the current exploitation rate. Therefore, biomass energy is an important development direction of renewable energy in the future.

The market demand and profit margins of biomass renewable energy are immeasurable. With the increase of support policies in various places, the number of practitioners in various places is increasing, and the number of turnkey wood pellet mill manufacturers is also increasing.

Of course, in the biomass pellet machine industry, you should be careful when purchasing turnkey wood pellet mills, because most of the new wood pelletizing machine manufacturers are small wood pellet mill manufacturers, and there may be problems in pellet machine quality and after-sales service. Everyone should be careful when choosing.

Richi Machinery specializes in the design and development of biomass pellet machines, turnkey wood pellet mills, sawdust pellet machines, etc. It is one of the earliest manufacturers in China’s biomass wood pellet mill machine industry. Richi Machinery has strong production experience and technical force, and has many years of production experience.

The company is committed to promoting the research and development of new energy machinery of turnkey wood pellet mill series, protecting resources, and opening up a new path for improving our living environment, improving air quality, and solving the shortage of industrial and agricultural coal-fired fuel.

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