How to process chicken manure with fertilizer maker machine?

How to process fresh chicken manure with organic fertilizer equipment?

1. Equipment for processing chicken manure fertilizer

Generally speaking, the complete equipment of chicken manure fertilizer maker machine production line is mainly composed of fermentation system, drying system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system, screening system and finished product packaging system.

After the fermented and decomposed chicken manure is sent to the pulverizer by the conveyor for pulverization, the material with a fineness of 80 mesh accounts for more than 65%, and is sent to the organic raw material warehouse through the conveyor belt.

The fertilizer maker machine performs secondary crushing and mixing, and the crushed and mixed materials are sent to the drum fertilizer pellet maker machine through the belt conveyor. In the drum organic fertilizer pellet making machine, when the material is added with water and steam, the temperature of the material is increased, and the material itself is viscous.

Excited, under the continuous rolling of the fertilizer pelletizer machine, the material gradually rolls into a ball, which flows out from the tail of the organic fertilizer pellet mill and is sent to the disc fertilizer maker machine through the belt conveyor. In the large inclination and long-distance granulation area of the fertilizer maker machine, the granules are continuously lifted to a high place and rolled down under the action of gravity.

The pellets in the fertilizer maker machine gradually increase, and the finished pellets overflow out of the granulation tray and are sent to the dryer through the belt conveyor.

The hot air in the hot blast stove is introduced into the dryer through the induced draft fan, and fully contacts the organic fertilizer pellets made by fertilizer maker machine entering the dryer, the moisture in the pellets is quickly exchanged, and a large amount of water vapor is introduced into the dust chamber by the induced draft fan, and then emptied after dust removal and water washing.

The temperature of the pellets made by fertilizer maker machine after drying is about 70 degrees, which flows out through the tail of the dryer, and then enters the cooler for cooling.

 The normal temperature air introduced by the induced draft fan is fully contacted with the high temperature particles in the cooler, and the temperature of the high temperature particles is gradually cooled to normal temperature.

The hot and humid air in the cooler is introduced into the dust chamber by the induced draft fan, and then emptied after dust removal and water washing.

The organic fertilizer pellets cooled to room temperature flow out from the end of the cooler and enter the screening machine. Under the continuous rolling action of the screening machine, the unscreened organic fertilizer passes through the fine screen section of the screening machine (pore size 2.5*2.5) and the finished product screen in turn.

 In the mesh section (pore size 4.5*4.5), the organic fertilizer is divided into three specifications: fine return material, finished pellets and large pellets. The fine return material and the crushed large pellets are returned to the fertilizer maker machine through the return belt conveyor for re-making.

The finished granules are sent into the coating machine through the belt conveyor, and are fully contacted and mixed with the coated oil or functional bacteria that are metered into the coating machine. The coated oil or functional bacteria are evenly wrapped and adsorbed on the surface of the organic fertilizer pellets.

And then enter the finished product warehouse, after being measured by the electronic measuring packaging machine, it is sent to the packaging machine for packaging and sealing, and then enters the finished product warehouse for storage.

fertilizer maker machine

2. Deodorization method of fertilizer production line

The organic fertilizer maker machine production line is used to produce organic fertilizer. I believe everyone knows it. However, our urban waste, organic matter, sludge, straw, wood chips, food processing waste, etc. are all urban wastes, which accumulate in one place for a long time.

 All kinds of foul smells are produced. These urban wastes are processed by the organic fertilizer production line and turned into useful organic fertilizers, contributing to our agricultural cause. How to deodorize these urban waste fertilizer maker machine? Let me introduce to you below!

There are many methods to eliminate odor, such as adsorption method, air dilution method, ozone oxidation method, masking method, chemical treatment method, water washing method, combustion method, plasma and biological deodorization method, etc.

The above methods are one of the deodorization methods in the organic fertilizer maker machine production line. The methods used in each organic fertilizer pellet machine production line are different, and each method also has its own adaptive deodorization method and system.

If we reproduce the process of organic fertilizer production,  if these feces are not treated by the deodorization system, we will definitely receive reports and complaints from nearby residents.

Therefore, the first thing we do in the production of organic fertilizers is to deodorize these wastes. Therefore, the fertilizer maker machine production line The deodorizing system is an indispensable detail.

3. Maintenance skills of organic fertilizer maker machine:

(1) One of the factors that is relatively easy to cause the wear of organic fertilizer equipment is dust. The organic fertilizer equipment will actually generate a certain amount of dust during operation and after discharging. If it is not cleaned and maintained in time, the dust will enter the various connections in the equipment, and accumulate more and more over time.

The friction at the connection of the equipment will be greater, and it will even cause the accumulation of germs, which will cause certain corrosion to the equipment and affect the performance of its equipment. Therefore, we require the staff to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the equipment in addition to the use of organic fertilizer maker machine.

(2)During the operation of the organic fertilizer, our staff also need to pay attention to the lubrication degree of the equipment connection. The long-term use of the equipment is a severe test for fertilizer maker machine lubrication. Once a jam occurs, the friction of the equipment will increase.

Only with high lubrication will it provide good power support for the operation of the fertilizer maker machine, and the staff should develop a good habit of regularly cleaning and maintaining the equipment.

(3) In addition, we need to pay special attention to the friction of the motor, otherwise it will affect the use effect of the fertilizer maker machine, and the staff need to pay attention to check the operation of the motor at all times. Especially before the load is running, the wiring of the motor should be checked, and if it is damaged, it should be updated immediately to ensure safe operation.

Application of twin-screw floating fish feed machine

The purpose of the twin-screw floating fish feed machine is mainly for food extrusion, livestock and poultry feed or for extrusion of a single raw material, and can also be used as a pretreatment of raw materials in the production of vegetable oils and drinking wine.

Twin-screw floating fish feed machine is mainly used for the production and processing of aquatic products and pet materials, especially the processing of materials with high viscosity.

The floating fish feed making machine can be used for the extruding of corn, soybean, soybean meal, rapeseed meal, cottonseed meal and other raw materials by using the principle of the extruder.

Floating fish feed extruder machine is used to extrude fish meal, bone meal, leather meal, blood meal, feather meal, oil residue, animal scraps, etc. The effect is fully in line with feeding standards!

Aquatic floating fish feed machine is widely used in floating fish feed mills, floating fish feed production line, farms, etc. using simple floating fish feed making machine principle.

 The extruded feed produced by floating fish feed making machine is also feed in water and ornamental animals in water. Feed, such as shrimp, crab, eel, catfish, goldfish and frogs and other aquatic organisms can be used for a long time, floating fish feed machine is also the product of feed factory for suckling pig feed.

In the process of extruding, the nutrient loss of the floating fish feed machine is small, which can achieve the purpose of improving protein, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of animals.

Therefore, some raw materials can be replaced by the extruding treatment of floating fish feed machine. Floating fish feed machine can affects the quality of feed, reduces the cost, and plays an important role in the development of feed resources.

 The aquatic floating fish feed production line can produce all kinds of suspended fish feed and sinking fish feed. By adjusting the expansion degree of the floating fish feed machine, the floating time of the feed in the water can be controlled to produce fish food of different floating and sinking qualities to suit different fish types.

floating fish feed machine

Floating fish feed machine features

  • This floating fish feed machine model has novel design, compact structure and high production efficiency;
  • Reliable work, sturdy and durable, low failure rate, easy operation and maintenance;
  • This floating fish feed machine is easy to use, stable transmission and low noise;
  • The main components are made of special alloy materials through heat treatment, with long service life and low cost of producing feed;
  • Dry puffing process adopts self-heating method without steam system;
  • The screw design of the floating fish feed machine has a powerful self-cleaning function, and the screw groove can be cleaned by itself, so when changing the formula and product variety, there is no need to stop the cleaning, the product quality is relatively stable;
  • The screw discharge nozzle adopts modular design, which is easy to adjust and cheap;
  • The feeding, cutting and main engine are all controlled by frequency conversion, and the operation is stable and reliable;
  • Consumable parts are made of high-quality wear-resistant alloy materials and processing technology, and have a long service life;
  • The floating fish feed machine can produce various slow-sinking and sinking feeds with ultra-small diameter, and the forming rate is high;
  • The floating fish feed machine is equipped with a cavity heating system, which can control the product quality;
  • Low failure rate, convenient adjustment, repair and maintenance, easy to operate;
  • The floating fish feed machine is mainly used for extruded production of aquatic feed, pet food, special animal feed, tissue protein, etc.

Feed is an input in the process of aquaculture, so the selection and management of feed is one of the key factors for the success or failure of aquaculture. However, there are also some problems in aquafeed that are not related to nutrition, but seriously affect aquaculture.

They are all directly or indirectly related to the occurrence of animal diseases. According to the different needs of customers, the floating fish feed machine has successfully developed and produced 0.6-0.8mm ornamental floating fish feed extruder and exported to many countries.

RICHI machinery has been researching and experimenting for many years to produce floating fish feed machine, pre-gelatinized starch equipment, and has achieved gratifying results. The modified starch equipment produced is simple to operate, and the modified starch produced has a high degree of gelatinization, high puffing degree, strong viscosity, large market share, high energy-saving efficiency of the equipment, and starch.

The market demand for floating fish feed machine is large, I hope the above related content about small floating fish feed pellet machine is helpful to you. For more information about floating fish feed making , you are welcome to consult the staff of Richi Machinery, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

biomass pellet mill for sale

The fuel use from biomass pellet mill

Pellet fuel is mostly a block-packed environmentally friendly new energy produced from stem-shaped crops processed by biomass pellet mill. Its diameter is generally 6-8 cm, its length is 4-5 times its diameter, and the crushing rate is less than 1.5%-2.0%. The dry basis moisture content is less than 10%~15%, the ash content is less than 1.5%, the sulfur content and chlorine content are less than 0.07%, and the nitrogen content is less than 0.5%.

The above are the various advantages of biomass pellet fuel. In recent years, the pellet fuel of biomass pellet mill, as a new type of clean energy, has been supported by policy, supported by people, and has become more and more widely used in life. After the expansion, some precautions in the use of biomass pellet fuel have been gradually interpreted.

1. Precautions for the use of the pellet fuel

The following will talk about some precautions for the use of the pellet fuel of the biomass fuel pellet machine in the combustion furnace. In fact, the precautions are nothing more than safety issues in use, how to use it more reasonably, etc.

(1)First of all, pay attention to safety, operate in strict accordance with the instructions for use, and make sure that the user can operate independently before delivery. According to the requirements of the information, a fan should be added in the kitchen to remove harmful indoor gases.

(2)Try to choose fuels with high calorific value, such as sawdust, sawdust, etc., and require the fuel to be drier and finer as possible. The effect of different fuels is not the same. If there is smoke on the stove, it means that the biomass pellet fuel is too large or too wet.

(3)When cooking, if the gasifier is used continuously for a long time, you will find white smoke at the gas inlet of the cooker, indicating that there is a lack of fuel around the nozzle in the furnace. Just add proper fuel.

Although biomass pellet fuel is very popular and clean and environmentally friendly, there are still some precautions in use, so please be sure to read the instructions carefully and summarize practical experience before using it in the future.

RICHI focuses on biomass pellet mill for sale, also focuses on technical innovation and sustainable development all the time. It ranks as one of domestic leading manufacturers in research & development capability, manufacturing capability and product quality.

2. Why biomass pellet mills are getting more attention?

biomass pellet mill for sale

The reason why biomass pellet mill is getting more and more attention has been found:

In recent years, the whole society has paid more and more attention to environmental issues, especially the concept of energy saving and emission reduction has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Green and low power consumption machines have become the models recommended by major construction machinery manufacturers and the whole society.

With the advent of smog weather, the environmental protection industry has been mentioned again. With the development of more and more high-energy industries and rapid environmental pollution, people are paying more and more attention to biomass pellet mills for sale.

Biomass fuel pellet making machine is the core equipment for the development of biomass energy industry. Various biomass raw materials, such as twigs and straw, are crushed and pressed with rod-shaped biomass pellets to replace coal for combustion.

Such as corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stalks, straw, peanut shells, corn cob, branches, bark, edible fungus residues, traditional Chinese medicine residues and other solid wastes, which are crushed and then pressurized and densified, that is, “biofuels”.

The biomass pellet mill is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the biomass pellet raw material has a wide range of sources and low prices. The raw material produced by the biomass fuel pellet machine can be wood, sawdust, rice husk, walnut husk, straw and other wastes such as crop straw and hardwood.

In the current situation of increasingly serious environmental pollution, the biomass fuel pellet machine has gradually entered people’s field of vision, and it is highly praised by many customers as a solid biomass pellets mill equipment with little pollution.

Environmental protection has become my country’s basic national policy, and policies to convert farmland to forests and reduce pollution are also being implemented continuously. As a response to the appeal of “vigorously developing and utilizing renewable energy, turning waste into treasure, and supporting construction”, the biomass pellet mill is a product suitable for national conditions. It can process a large amount of agricultural and forestry waste and turn waste into treasure – biomass pellets, There will be considerable economic benefits.

The biomass pellet mill is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the biomass pellet raw material has a wide range of sources and low prices. The raw material produced by the biomass pellets making machine can be wood, sawdust, rice husk, walnut husk, straw and other wastes such as crop straw and hardwood.

Through various production processes such as pulverization, drying, rod making, biomass granulation, etc., the mechanism biomass pellet mill for high temperature and high pressure barbecue and heating can be manufactured. These biomass pellets can provide unlimited wealth opportunities to make high quality biomass pellets through high temperature and pressure.

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turnkey wood pellet mill

Why are turnkey wood pellet mills so competitive?

With the increase in market demand and the rapid development of science and technology, there are more and more models of turnkey wood pellet mills, functions and technologies have also been improved, and the scope of application has also increased accordingly. Richi Pellet Machinery Co., Ltd., as one of the leading manufacturers of wood pellet machines in China, is very competitive in the entire market.

The turnkey wood pellet mill is made of sawdust, bamboo chips, bark, cotton stalk, sesame stalk, corn stalk, sunflower stalk, soybean stalk, rice husk, bagasse, corn cob and other remaining raw materials after crushing, and then extruded through the sawdust pellet machine. into rod-shaped biomass fuel pellets.

The density of the fuel rod after extrusion is increased several to ten times than that before the forming, the burning time is long, and the thermal efficiency can be improved by 30%-40%. (Related post: Wood Pellet Mill For Sale)

When purchasing a turnkey wood pellet mill, you must conduct an on-site inspection, so that you can see the operation performance of the turnkey wood pellet mill. Secondly, you can’t try to be cheap. Many manufacturers can’t reach the strength, so they fight price wars and cut corners. It’s not unreasonable to get what you get for every penny.

1. The turnkey wood pellet mill has great practical significance

turnkey wood pellet mill

(1) From the perspective of energy, the use of turnkey wood pellet mills to develop renewable energy can solve the shortage of energy resources;

(2) From the perspective of environmental protection, the use of wood pellet mills to develop and utilize renewable energy can improve the deteriorating ecological environment in my country; (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

(3) Speeding up the development and utilization of renewable energy by using turnkey wood pellet mills is also a basic requirement for implementing the scientific concept of development and building a resource-saving society;

(4) The development and utilization of renewable energy in rural areas according to local conditions can increase farmers’ income, improve the rural environment, and speed up the urbanization process of my country’s rural areas;

(5) The use of wood pellets to develop renewable energy can form a new economic growth point, adjust the industrial structure, promote the transformation of economic growth mode, expand employment, and promote sustainable economic and social development.

Richi Machinery is a professional manufacturer of wood pellet machines, sawdust pellet machines and biomass pellet machines. It has many years of production and operation and has been recognized by the industry and many customers. Welcome new and old customers from all over the world to visit the factory!

2. Biomass wood pellet mill for energy saving and emission reduction

In recent years, problems such as energy crisis and environmental pollution have become more and more serious. It has become more and more important to optimize the energy structure, protect the environment, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction.

In the current environment, the market prospect of biomass pellets is particularly impressive! As a special equipment for the production of biomass pellet fuel, turnkey wood pellet mill has played a very important role in promoting the current energy saving and emission reduction work.

Wood chips, crop stalks, corn cob, peanut husks, rice husks, bark, branches and other materials, after being processed by a biomass pellet machine, become dense biomass pellets. (Related post: pellet production line in Thailand)

The pellets are small in size, large in specific gravity, resistant to combustion, and easy to store and transport. And in the process of burning, no sulfide is produced, which is very friendly to the environment. It can replace raw coal, liquefied gas, etc., and is widely used in living stoves, hot water boilers, industrial boilers, biomass power plants, etc.

According to the predictions of relevant organizations, the reserves of non-renewable resources such as underground oil, natural gas and coal are only sufficient for several decades at the current exploitation rate. Therefore, biomass energy is an important development direction of renewable energy in the future.

The market demand and profit margins of biomass renewable energy are immeasurable. With the increase of support policies in various places, the number of practitioners in various places is increasing, and the number of turnkey wood pellet mill manufacturers is also increasing.

Of course, in the biomass pellet machine industry, you should be careful when purchasing turnkey wood pellet mills, because most of the new wood pelletizing machine manufacturers are small wood pellet mill manufacturers, and there may be problems in pellet machine quality and after-sales service. Everyone should be careful when choosing.

Richi Machinery specializes in the design and development of biomass pellet machines, turnkey wood pellet mills, sawdust pellet machines, etc. It is one of the earliest manufacturers in China’s biomass wood pellet mill machine industry. Richi Machinery has strong production experience and technical force, and has many years of production experience.

The company is committed to promoting the research and development of new energy machinery of turnkey wood pellet mill series, protecting resources, and opening up a new path for improving our living environment, improving air quality, and solving the shortage of industrial and agricultural coal-fired fuel.

poultry feed pellet making machine

Solutions for maintaining poultry feed pellet making machine

The poultry feed pellet making machine has attracted attention because it makes the recycling of waste plastics simple. Poultry feed machine generally refers to crop granulator and corn and soybean meal granulator. The die head is an important part of the poultry feed making machine. Today, let me talk about how to clean it.

(1) Heat and remove the excavated material, then sand the fine sandpaper with oil, and then gradually wipe off the carbonized black spots. This is the most common and stupidest soil method. But it still works.

(2) Manual methods can be used. Usually, we replace the net by hand, open the net by hand, and shovel the plastic mold with a small shovel. The manifold is directly heated and burns with the cleanest gas.

(3) Gas welding is labor-saving to burn, but it is not environmentally friendly and is not good for equipment.

(4) Find soluble solvents with high cost and poor feasibility.

It is very important to clean and maintain the ring die feed pellet machine for poultry. The ring die poultry pellet machine should be regularly maintained during use, and timely cleaning can prolong its service life. (For more: Richi Pellet Machine )

poultry feed pellet making machine

1.Reasons and solutions for the poultry feed granulator not feeding

(1) The moisture content of the material is not suitable. Too much or too little moisture in the material will block the die hole and cause the pellet making machine  for poultry feed to not discharge. In this case, check the summed material to keep the moisture between 10%-15%.

(2) The die platen and pressure roller are seriously worn. The die platen and the pressure roller are the main accessories of the poultry feed pellet making machine, and they are also vulnerable accessories. If the accessories are aging or malfunctioning, it is also the reason why the poultry food processing machine does not material. (Related post: feed mill plant in Uzbekistan )

If it’s a new poultry feed pellet making machine, you can tell which is the problem by just looking at which accessories aren’t working. If the poultry food processing machine has been used for many years, the accessories are aging and can be replaced.

(3) The compression ratio of the mold is not suitable. Different materials require different compression ratio molds. Choosing a regular large-scale manufacturer will be customized according to the customer’s needs. Generally, this problem does not occur. If there is no material, check the compression ratio of the mold. If not suitable, replace the material mold.

(4) The material has high crude fiber content. Poultry feed maker machines are available in different models and powers. For different models of poultry feed pellet making machines, the granulation requirements are also different. Some poultry feed maker machines are suitable for pressing coarse fibers and some are suitable for pressing fine fibers.

If you choose a small poultry feed making machine to press coarse fiber materials, it is also the reason why the poultry pellet granulator does not produce material. Solution Communicate with the manufacturer to replace the poultry feed pelletizer.

(5) The distance between the mold and the roller is not suitable. Poultry feed pellet making machines facilitate pellet formation by squeezing accessory rolls and dies. If the spacing is not appropriate, it will also cause the pellet machine to fail to feed normally. The solution is to adjust the spacing.

(6) There is accumulated material in the poultry feed maker machine. After the poultry feed pellet making machine is produced, there will be some accumulation, and no clean residue will be discharged.

After the next operation of the poultry pellet making machine, due to the high temperature, it will solidify into a hard block, causing the poultry making machine to fail to discharge normally. The solution is to clean the inside, clean up the debris.

3.The new method of poultry feed pellet making machine, most farmers use it wrong!

Most farmers know that there are only a few ways to use the poultry feed pellet machine. For example, for poultry, the farmers feel that it is very simple, does not require professional skills, and basically understands it if they do not know how to search.

However, what seems to be simple is actually not simple. The whole process of the poultry feed pellet making machine from feeding to discharging requires several precautions:

(1) Particle size of material crushing

We all know that, according to the different feeding attributes of animals, the particle size of the poultry feed pellet making machine is also different during the pelleting process. But there are still misunderstandings about what to smash and what to granulate.

In general, the particle size of the crushed material is related to the compressed diameter in the poultry feed pellet making machine. When the conventional materials are crushed, the diameter of the general pressing is about 6 mm, and the particles below 6 mm belong to special poultry properties, while the general conventional feed is pressed in the range of 6 mm.

(2) Feed pelleting moisture

Many farmers do not consider the problem of water when using the poultry feed processing machine, which will lead to the granulated product being soft and unshaped, resulting in poor animal feed intake.

However, the real pelleted feed products are pelleted by the principle of dry in and dry out, so the water requirements in the pelleting process are very strict. The moisture content of the powder is controlled at about 13%, so that the compressed particles are often fuller and the finished product effect is good.

(3) The machine feeds at a uniform speed

Whether the poultry feed pellet making machine is fed at a uniform speed is a problem that most farmers ignore in the process of use. The length of the uniform speed directly affects the normal operation of the poultry pellet machine. If the feeding is too fast, the machine will be overloaded. If the feeding is too slow, The inside of the poultry pellet processing machine will be empty, making it more difficult to run.

Therefore, the uniform speed of feeding can not only ensure the normal operation of the pellet machine, but also improve the working efficiency of the poultry feed pellet making machine.